Angelina Loves…

Mad Hippie Sheer Tint Sun Serum 

With sunny weather here, this is my absolute favorite SPF to use daily! This product is zinc based with an SPF of 29, so it protects my skin on a day to day basis and most importantly, it leaves no white traces!! This product comes in 2 shade options (light/med & med/dark), each shade has a hint of mineral tint making it versatile to blend with any skin complexion. I also love that this product contains resveratrol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid, which helps my skin to fight off aging free radicals as I soak up the sun! Overall this product is a must have this summer, it’s a perfect light weight like foundation for going out or hanging at the beach!

Vegout Enzymatic Exfoliator 

I love this product because it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and brand new! This exfoliator has a wonderful blend of ingredients to help my skin get that summer glow! The sea salt and coconut shell within the formula helps to scrub off any dead skin cells, The fruit enzymes in the product helps to break down impurities and unclog pores. I also love that this product contains aloe vera, which helps my skin feel dewy and leaves it glowing!

Vegout Glow Bright Cleanser 

I absolutely love this item, it’s the perfect all year face wash, and a must for the summer! Not only does it smell amazing but it leaves my skin feeling amazing! The pineapple enzymes, lemongrass, and vitamin C give a gentle everyday scrub and reduce texture. The formula also contains hyaluronic acid and kokum seed butter which provides deep hydration! I absolutely love this cleanser and the soothing feeling it has!

Vegout Skin Perfect Moisturizer 

This is by far my favorite moisturizer for resetting my skin! This product contains cucumber and microalgae, and together they work together to hydrate and brighten my skin! The antioxidants and microalgae in this product help to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, to protect it from external aggressors and everyday pollution. This product is the perfect summer moisturizer to relax and calm your skin after a day of enjoying the sun! 

Laughing Tansy Antioxidant Oil Serum 

I absolutely love this oil serum! It’s the perfect blend of ingredients to protect and help my skin rejuvenate itself! The main ingredient, amber, has so many amazing benefits! Amber is a natural source of polyphenols, which is a bioactive compound naturally found in plants and is known for their protective properties! Polyphenol-rich products have been shown to boost collagen production and have also been discovered to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation, and it also helps prevent UV-induced damage, promoting a more youthful and healthier appearance! Overall the Laughing Tansy Antioxidant Oil Serum is a must have to protect and rejuvenate your summer skin!