Our Mission + Hope

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leader who continually creates an environment that fosters meaningful exchanges of knowledge, services and products to sustain a healthy learning and growing community.

Our Mission

  • To consciously select the highest quality products and services which are healthy for people, the environment; are humanely produced and support a sustainable lifestyle.
  • To actively encourage the sustainable and humane production of local foods by seeking out local producers that meet our standards to bring their products to our customers for the purpose of establishing a market for those products.
  • To be an organically whole staff that is continually improving the professional and personal skills to guide customers through the process of obtaining products and services that they need to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
  • To be a practicing repository of knowledge for our customers and the regional community about the values, philosophy and information needed to live a healthy and wholesome life.
  • To gather a community of holistic health professionals who share in a vision of how to live a healthful, wholesome and sustainable life and therefore, mutually support each other’s mission.

Our Hope

Our hope is that all people will nurture themselves, their families and their communities in a healthy and sustainable way that contributes to the wellness of all who share the Earth.