Get the Garden Ready

Grown Your Own

New Morning Market has an expansive selection of classic and unique organic and local seeds. Choose from Hudson Valley Seed Co seeds which are each packaged like perfect little gifts, Phocas Seeds, which are adapted especially for Connecticut, and High Mowing Organic Seeds, a New England classic. Dahlia bulbs, seed potatoes, and lawn and garden supplies are also in abundance this time of year.

Potted Lavender Plants

Did you know that there are more than 45 species of lavender and over 450 varieties?! Check out some of our favorites and the ones you can find at New Morning Market this season. Whether it is for tea, crafting, creating essential oils, or beautifying your backyard, we have the best lavender for you. 

Potted Rosemary Plants

Rosemary has long been a symbol of luck and prosperity. Whether you’re growing rosemary for the wholesome fragrance it adds to your garden or the deliciousness it adds to your favorite dish, you’ll be glad you added it to your summer garden. 

Check out our full Garden Guide here and visit us this spring and summer to check out our latest arrivals!


Sweet Stuff

Culiraw Cheesecakes Astoria, New York

What began as a personal endeavor blossomed into a vibrant range of vegan cheesecakes that invite you to indulge without hesitation. Experience the Bliss: Savor the delight of Culiraw vegan cheesecakes. Elevate your moments with sophistication, flavor, and a dash of goodness. Vegan Cheesecakes by Culiraw – where indulgence meets nourishment, one cheesecake at a time.

Louis Sherry Chocolates, New York, New York

Only the highest quality ingredients, ethically sourced from Ecuador to Madagascar to the Caribbean coast of Venezuela, are used by Louis Sherry’s master chocolatier. In celebration of their century-old heritage, each array of chocolates is packaged in a recast of the original Sherry’s tin.

Brezzo Alpine Flowers Honey, 100% Pure Italian Honey

This 100% Pure Italian Alpine flower honey is produced in Valle Maira, a stunning, wild and uncontaminated valley that rises from the plains of Cuneo and climbs up to the French border. In the month of June the bees collect pollen from the meadows that are covered with yarrow, rhododendron, bellflower, and wild thyme. The result is a floral and slightly aromatic honey.

Cheese Please

Tomme Fleur Verte, Périgord, France

Tomme Fleur Verte is named for its scalloped, flower-like edges and coating of dried green herbs and pink peppercorns. A young, mild, and creamy cheese, Fleur Verte makes a perfect addition to any spring cheeseboard.  

Bouche de Luçay, La Vernelle, France

Named after Luçay-le-Mâle in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France, this cheese has a velvet-like rind that ensconces a soft ripened goat cheese with a crumbly center. Its creamy, tangy and earthy flavor makes it the perfect topping for spring salads.

Finishing Olive Oils

A finishing olive oil has a bolder and more distinct flavor than olive oils recommended for cooking. While you can use a finishing olive oil for cooking, their unique flavor profiles can break down during the cooking process.

Think of finishing oils as more of a condiment than a cooking ingredient. A drizzle of a finishing olive oil, like the ones we have listed below, will add an elevated level of flavor as well as gourmet quality to your roasts, sears, and salads.

ECoato Extra Virgin Organic Arbequina Olive Oil, Murcia, Spain

This organic arbequina oil is bursting with flavor and has a wonderful velvety-smooth texture. Environmentally responsible farming techniques ensure that ECoato Extra Virgin Organic Arbequina Olive Oil is cultivated with full respect for the surrounding environment. Pairs perfectly with spring cheese boards and salads. 

Castillo Canena Arbequina Olive Oil, Andalusia, Spain

Castillo de Canena is a distinct and unique family business involved in the complete process of creating extra virgin oils, from the trees and the land. The olive trees are gently watered by 8 kilometers of the river Guadiana Menor, giving their oils a sweeter and less peppery taste and guaranteeing each year’s harvest will be full of aroma and flavor.

Castillo de Canena Family Reserve Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Andalusia, Spain

Castillo de Canena is a distinct and unique family business involved in the complete process of creating extra virgin oils, from the trees and the land. Made from green Picual olives with notable aromas of olives and grass, this olive oil’s intensity level is robust – making it a perfect pairing for bitter green salads.

Lorenzo N° 1 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Western Sicily (P.D.O. Valli Trapanesi)

Lorenzo N° 1 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from hand-harvested olives and has an intense fruity flavor that is well-rounded with green tomato and a bitter almond finish. It has a spicy and persistent herbaceous aroma and is a slightly dense brilliant green-colored pure olive oil with golden-yellow reflections. A perfect pairing with fresh cheeses, vegetable soups, and pasta to all types of mixed salads.