With only 4 ingredients, this smoothie will surely get added to your recipe rotation! Simply add all the ingredients to a high powered blender, and blend until you see a smooth finish and enjoy!

The hydration benefits of watermelon will blow your rind! No, really… it’s made up of 92% water! The perfect summer thirst quencher, whether enjoying a slice or trying it in a new drink. Not to mention, watermelon also aids in digestion due to the high fiber content and is loaded with antioxidants. We’ve put together our favorite summer drinks focused on watermelon and we promise they will have you saying, this is one in a melon!


Pro Tips

• Fresh cubed watermelon, makes the smoothie easy to drink through a straw, but if you want it a little thicker, try freezing the watermelon cubes overnight.

• To make the smoothie less creamy, simply omit the yogurt and try a banana instead.

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