My relationship with New Morning Market began sometime in 1991, with a  personal need and a quest for answers. My son was born in 1989 with infant acne, had colic and other digestive woes, and had frequent ear infections. He was my first foray into parenthood, and what a start that was ! I was clueless, but determined to find solutions.

 I had a friend, who also had a new baby, and she introduced me to the subjects of homeopathy and natural health cures, such as a cut raw onion placed in an ear to help with earaches. She, unlike myself and many others at the time and place I grew up, had a mother who knew about and used many “health remedies.” My friend had a book called “Natural Medicine for Children.”

 I started to look around for a place to buy books and products to help solve my son’s digestive issues, and found New Morning. It was an hour to drive there from my home in Sharon, but the education I received via the books I bought there and the free magazines I brought home and devoured, were lifestyle altering for me and as a consequence the rest of my household. I started changing the food we ate, trying new grains and plant milk, switching to organics, and using alternative products for supplements and skin care. When my son had trouble with psoriasis, and the conventional skin doctor put him on steroids, I found a naturopathic doctor on the community resources board. She was an immense help and we were able to take him off the steroids.

 New Morning at that time was an especially vital link to resources and products for a healthier life. At that time, cell phones were just for phone calls and had very basic, limited, tedious texting capability. Computers were slow dial-up and  there wasn’t that much online yet regarding how to live a healthier lifestyle. Plant based milk was only in its infancy with the arrival of soymilk in the dairy case.  

Just being there in the New Morning Market was such an oasis for me and it still is. There is something extra special in the experience of shopping there, that I just do not feel anywhere else. I am personally a healthier individual as a result of my relationship to this wholesome, wonderful place. Now, my daughter, whom I would bring with me in her baby carrier, while her brother was at pre-school, brings her daughter.  

With gratitude,
Susan Edholm


Written by Susan Edholm

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