Sometimes getting your vitamins down is the toughest task of all. For tricky to swallow pills, consult your doctor for advice and see if any of the below techniques are right for you.

A Spoonful of Sugar…
We all know the sugar trick from Mary Poppins, but there are so many other creative ways to mix
supplements and help get them down.

Bake them in!
Some minerals such as calcium supplements, are not broken down by the cooking process, so
you can add calcium and magnesium powders to your favorite muffin recipe or try a new spin on pancakes. The same goes for protein powders and amino acid blends.

Did someone say chocolate mousse?
Blend your vitamins in a mixer with raw cacao powder, avocado, fresh or frozen bananas and top with some chocolate chips for a divine treat.

Simple & savory.
It doesn’t have to be complicated. Try mixing supplements into something smooth like peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter or even hummus to disguise the flavor or consistency.

Who wants ice cream?
Mash those overripe bananas you have hanging around and add in a few additional frozen ones with your supplements into a blender. After blending, top with whipped cream and cacao nibs for an added bonus.

Summer fun with a frozen lolly!
Blend your favorite fruit juice with your supplements and then pour into mini popsicle molds. Mark clearly as “vitamin popsicles” (to avoid household confusion) and enjoy a mini one each day.

(And it goes without saying, always keep all vitamins out of the reach of small children and supervise any of these procedures while kiddos are present!)