Whether you call it sparkling, bubbly, seltzer, fizzy, carbonated, or mineral water – you don’t have to be a mixologist to have fun with these popular drinks. Fizzy waters are everywhere and changing the game of how we enjoy water. Now bringing real fruit flavor to the market with the use of fruit extracts and essential oils, many sparkling waters have made it their mission to leave out all the additives.

Intensify with frozen delight

Take your fizzy drink to refreshing heights. Frozen fruit ice cubes, frozen pomegranate seeds, or plain frozen fruit can do the trick! Frozen fruit ice cubes seriously might be the easiest recipe you ever make. Preferably the day before, wash your fruit and get your ice cube trays ready. Great fruit picks for this are: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, oranges, watermelon, and kiwi but almost anything works. (You can even freeze herbs like rosemary!) Cut or peel any fruit like strawberries and kiwi as needed. Drop the fruit in your ice cube trays and then pour filtered water over the top and freeze a minimum of 4 hours. Pop-out and use at your party or put in a clear pitcher with some sparkling water to serve and admire.

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With so many sparkling choices, it can be hard to navigate WHICH seltzer brand is right for you. The best way is really to just try a variety of brands until you find your favorite ones. Here are a few of our picks that can be found at New Morning Market. 

Spindrift – Fresh, real squeezed fruit is what’s inside Spindrift with unique flavors. This fizzy brand can be described as light, bright, slightly sweet, and a little pulpy.  

San Pellegrino – This classic Italian brand has expanded from its signature green bottled mineral waters to sparkling waters made with Mediterranean inspired ingredients. Made with no artificial sweeteners, choose a fresh flavor or stick with their signature mineral water and have fun squeezing your own fresh juice flavors in.

Waterloo – With custom created flavors designed by flavor artists you’re sure to find one to please your palate. This sparkling water brand uses powerful fruit extracts and oils, allowing a lot of flavor without any sugar, sweeteners, colors or other additives. 

Ugly Water – This fun, clever brand has creative flavors, contains no sugar, no sweeteners, and nothing artificial. They also give back by supporting gender equality! Simply a blend of natural ingredients and fun is what this bubbly is about.

Nixie Created by a lover of both sparkling water and home-brewed tea, this distinctive brand has delicious flavors. Never made with synthetic solvents, carriers or artificial preservatives, this certified organic prides itself on flavor. 

Topo Chico Packed with healthy minerals, this fizzy water is derived from historic springs in Mexico and has a popular following. You can now find the mineral water in flavors like lime and tangerine.

Mingle Mocktails Artistically created with clean ingredients make these sparkling mocktails easy to be enjoyed!