New Morning Market is proud to partner with Safe Haven for our February Round Up for a Cause effort. Safe Haven is the leading voice on domestic and sexual violence in the Greater Waterbury area, with over forty years of experience providing comprehensive services. They offer a safe haven for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by providing free, confidential services in a safe, caring environment; striving to raise awareness through community education and outreach. New Morning Market’s goal is to help shed light on this essential service for families in our community.

Thank you Safe Haven for sharing this personal story from a family who found a lifeline with your help and thank you for all that you do!

“I came to Safe Haven after a traumatic event that happened in my home with my children present. The officer who came out was very kind and caring about what had happened.  He stayed with me the entire time; he dialed the number to Safe Haven on his personal cell phone and helped me answer questions that at the time were too unbearable for me to answer.

Once I entered Safe Haven, I was greeted by Heather, who is compassionate and sincere, a kind hearted person, who I later found out was a supervisor.  She showed me and my boys around the home and made us feel more comfortable.  I met with my counselor Maxine and instantly knew that we were going to be okay.  Maxine is always there when I need someone to talk to, vent to, or cry to.  She stops what she is doing to take the time out and help me pull myself back together.  She has gone above and beyond.  She has helped with communicating with the parent liaison at my sons’ school regarding school uniforms, school supplies, book bags, setting up transportation, and even helping with funds for getting my boys haircuts (which they so desperately needed).

The staff at Safe Haven helped put together Birthday parties with cakes, presents, and decorations for my boys.  They truly are some of the most amazing people I have ever met.  The staff is even helping my sons and I get back on our feet with housing, just in time for Christmas.  The best Christmas gift ever received for my boys and I.  So thank you so very much Safe Haven.”