Thank you Flanders for writing this guest blog post & for all that you do!

Happy New Year 2022 from Flanders!

At Flanders, we are strengthening our communities’ knowledge to help tackle the challenges facing our environment—both flora and fauna.  The changes to our natural environment, occurring from many man made pressures, can seem overwhelming at times. Our challenge is to strive to be aware of those factors, understand them, describe them to our community and share best practices that can equip our community to take action to slow or prevent the assault on the natural world.

It is our pledge to you that we will model environmental courage, exemplify environmental courage and build environmental courage—in all those who participate in our programming. The Flanders Winter/Spring Catalog, listing all of our new programs and events for children, adults and families, will be out soon.  You can find it on the Flanders website or by adding yourself to the Flanders mailing list to receive a copy of the catalog in the mail at your home.  

In our new catalog look for the “C” next to select programs indicating topics we consider important to strengthening our greater understanding of the changing environment. These programs offer information on what we can do to make a positive impact on our world. 

Wishing you a great start to 2022 and encouraging you to join us in learning more, doing more and preserving all we can.


Vincent D. LaFontan, MHA

Executive Director at Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust, Inc.

501c3 Environmental Education Non-profit