Fluffy, rich, and ridiculously good! Keep that holiday feeling all year long with Aleia’s easy-to-make gluten-free stuffing.

This amazingly delicious Gluten Free Savory Stuffing Mix is craveably-gratifying. Wholesome ingredients and savory herbs truly make it shine. Delicious on it’s own, but take it to the next gourmet level by adding local raised & acorn fed sausage from Walden Hill, crisp apples from your favorite local orchards and fresh cranberries. 

Aleia’s has mastered gluten-free baking, so you don’t have to.

Aleia’s was created by a Culinary Institute of America-trained chef, Kimberly Snow, who made it her mission to ensure Celiac Disease and her journey to good health never got in the way of her enjoyment of food. To her, flavor comes first so that’s where they start; using fresh, simple ingredients that are made from scratch. The transformation from using these ingredients to the finished product yields a perfect bread gluten-free cube, bread crumb or panko for you to create your favorite family recipe.

“There’s a whole lot of satisfaction and delight in knowing it will be the perfect stand out dish at your dinner table…a recipe to pass on to future generations.” Kim Snow

Walden Hill, Putting Forests, Farms, People and Animals First.

After meeting on a ski slope in Vermont, Jen & Tylan bonded over their passion for the environment and fell in love over many delicious meals, so it’s not too surprising they started a company together to bring sustainable delicious food to everyone’s table. But it wasn’t until these two New England natives (she’s from New Haven, CT; he’s from Yarmouth, ME) took a walk in the woods that the idea for Walden Hill was born. They now find themselves traveling across New England to make that idea a reality. Acorn-fed pork, a delicacy traditionally from the southwest region of Spain, has now found its home in New England. The result is exquisite – premium pork that has a rich nuttiness with a deep savory flavor. All heritage breed hogs, always free from antibiotics and added hormones and certified humane.