Dinner? Done!

Our easy weeknight meals are made with minimal ingredients, require few steps, and budget friendly!

Ready in 10 minutes, delicious and easy clean-up

Pre-Made Soup + Toasted Bagels + Seasoned Cheese Spread = Dinner? Done!

Tis the season for Soup Night! And we all deserve soup even when (especially when!) we don’t have time to chop, roast, stir and simmer.

Follow the steps below for an easy, delicious and relaxing soup night that will please all of the mouths you have to feed!

Julie Thorpe is the Marketing Director at New Morning Market and a home cook with 20+ years in the natural foods world. While she’s been lucky enough to work with celebrity and top chefs over the years her favorite cooking buddy is her 9-year-old kiddo Arlo who always provides inspiration and brutally honest feedback for all of her dishes. 


Shopping List

  • Pre-Made Soup – One large container of Provender’s pre-made soup from New Morning Market’s Grab n’ Go section is plenty for my family of three (two adults and one kiddo).
  • Bagels – My whole family loves O’Dough’s gluten free and vegan Everything Bagels.
  • Cheese Spread – Visit Lisa or anyone in our Cheese and Charcuterie department and they will help you find the perfect spread, creamy cheese or melty cheese for  your special tastes.


  • Heat the soup in a pot.
  • Toast bagels while the soup is heating up.
  • Spread toasted bagels with cheese (I topped mine with a little fried sage)
  • Enjoy your delicious dinner, and maybe, just maybe, save the dishes for another day!