Dinner? Done!

Our easy weeknight meals are made with minimal ingredients, require few steps, and budget friendly!

Quick Thai Green Curry to make your weeknight feel like a breeze! Some nights I just don’t have it in me to spend all night cooking, which is why I love these quick and easy meal options!

Thai Taste curry kits are made of fresh Thai ingredients like green chilis, lemongrass, ginger, lime leaves, and coriander. Add your favorite veggies (like fresh cut stir fry mix found in New Morning Market’s produce department) and a block of Bridge Tofu and you’re good to go.

Intimidated by cooking rice? Grain Trust’s frozen rice makes this meal even more convenient! It comes in 3 frozen packages and only takes 3 minutes to prepare.  I like to top everything off with fresh cilantro and chopped salty peanuts for a little something extra. Can it get any easier?!


Charlotte is the Creative Lead at New Morning Market and a lover of all things plant-based! She loves spending time in the kitchen and creating nourishing meals that anyone can enjoy – whether you’re vegan or not!


Cooks Tips & Tricks

Short on time? Use frozen veggies or take advantage of New Morning Market’s pre-cut section where you can find pre-peeled garlic, chopped onions, and so much more!

Not vegan or vegetarian? Add some salmon or chicken!

I ended up using two packages of curry for this meal to make it extra saucy. 

Green Thai Curry is fairly mild, so top with hot sauce if you’d like to add some heat.