It was the day of my divorce. It was a very contentious affair culminating at the peak of the pandemic. I had to move out of my home that same morning and with no available houses on the market (I needn’t explain) I simply threw a dart at the MLS listings for the area. It happened to be just down the road from New Morning Market.

As real estate tours were unavailable (this is when we were still washing our cereal boxes!) I walked in sight unseen. They had taken the refrigerator, stove, every appliance. Rather than sulk and fester in my lonely hunger, I ventured to your Store.

It was my first time; it was salvation. I was struck the moment I walked in with the contrasting environment of happiness. Everyone seemed to be emitting a sort of sunlight on this gloomy day. Disoriented, like a tourist in the city with a map, every employee asked how they could help. They sensed I need it. I asked what I thought were silly questions like “what is this and what should I do with it [kohlrabi]?” And “what are the benefits of something that’s sprouted?” “How does the Irish salmon compare to domestic?” They had all the answers. If you’re not sure- Ask! Everyone is so happy to engage and if they don’t know, they’ll find out.

I discovered the juice bar and delicious options to bring home and having nutritious food to fuel my body and soul over the two months(!) it took me to get appliances. I’d never felt better!

Though my tear stains faded, my love for the NMM community has not. They fed not just my hunger for a meal, but that for connection during a challenging time personally but also the strained time of quarantine for all. No matter the visit, I never leave without a smile. And several irresistible impulse buys 😉

Thanks, friends. See you soon!

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