For some, it’s a struggle to take vitamins on a consistent basis. Life happens and our self-care takes a back seat again. Tackle this by committing to forming a habit. On average, it takes 66 days before a behavior becomes a habit. Yep, the best habits take time to stick. So, if you take it day by day, you’ll be on your way to making it a routine. Here are some ways to get that habit to stick like honey.

Pill organizer to the rescue. Seems simple enough, right? Set yourself up for success by getting a handy pillbox organizer that lists out each day for you. Every Sunday night, fill your box, and you are set for the week. It takes the daily work out of it, so you can just grab and go. Place the box somewhere you will see it every day, but safely out of the reach of little ones. Not into pill organizers? If you carry a purse or bag, try a pencil case or cosmetic bag to contain everything. Place the tinctures or supplements inside the smaller bag and you’ll always have them on you. 

Prep the night before. Line up your powders, tinctures, and everything else that doesn’t work in a pill organizer somewhere you will see them the next day.

Take them with the same meal each day. If a meal at home is too much of a hectic time, try packing your supplements in your lunch for work. Even better yet, many pills are meant to be taken with meals to aid in adsorption. (Always, read the directions on the bottle and make sure the product is not recommended to be taken on an empty stomach.) You could even keep an extra set at your work desk!

Set a phone alarm or download a reminder app. Yes, there’s an app for that. Our favorite is the Mango Health app because you can create multiple healthy habits to track and be reminded of. Trying to up your hydration goals? Oh yeah, they can help with that too.

Get a vitamin accountabli-buddy!
Accountability with your habit is key. Maybe you have a friend trying to jump start their wellness journey. Join forces and help each other reach your goals. A simple daily check-in via text can go a long way.

Remember this! Even though your diet should give you many of the nutrients needed on a daily basis, it’s easy to fall short in some areas. There are many reasons you might be deficient in certain nutrients – going through a life change, have a picky eater at home or simply need an extra boost? That’s where supplements can help support the recommended allowances you may be missing. A few things to consider along the way.

All supplements are not the same. High quality supplements can help balance where dietary intakes fall short. New Morning Market’s Ultimate One is a great choice for a daily multi-vitamin. An easy pick you can feel good about. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and all New Morning Market vitamins are guaranteed for potency and purity.

Use your herbal allies! Sneak herbs and powders into smoothies or other soft foods. Reward yourself with a treat after taking your vitamins or simply take a spoonful of sugar to chase your vitamins. As we have said before, tricking those taste buds is half the battle!

Special Diets. Perhaps you practice a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Or maybe you are dipping your toes in a Keto or Paleo lifestyle? Whatever the special diet, having a conversation with your doctor about any changes this may bring to your body, is always a good idea. Your doctor may recommend some supplements to help support these changes.

BRAVO! You’ve already taken the first step towards self-care…some much needed “me” time. No matter where you are in your journey of self-care, your wellness is important and worth the investment. Keep with it, give yourself some love and count your accomplishments along the way – even the tiniest ones!