It’s important to understand the importance of storing your vitamins and supplements. Supplements do expire and become less effective with time. After purchase, remember the tips below to preserve your vitamins potency. (Plus, that cabinet spring clean and purge will feel SO good!)


Store in a cool, dark and dry area. Storing supplements in the car or bathroom will speed up the breakdown of their nutrients or capsules due to heat and humidity. Place supplements in a location you will use as part of your morning routine, like on a high shelf in the kitchen near the coffee pot. (Of course, always out of the reach of any little hands!) 


Spring forward. Fall back. Take a moment during the Spring and Fall time change to check your vitamin expiration dates and any packaging that may look old or damaged. Make a list or take a picture of what you need to replace on your next shopping trip, so you don’t forget. Doing this regular check twice a year will help keep your stash fresh and up to date.


DIY with Everyday Items. A trip to any organization store can do wonders for inspiration. Grab a few mini Lazy-Susan’s so bottles can be easily rotated and are accessible with a quick turn. Add a few see through plexi compartment bins and organize with labels by categories like, “immunity” “digestive” “daily” etc. Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas and inspirations.