Taking your vitamins, supplements and herbs can feel like more of a chore than a reward. Compliance is important, and we only reap the benefits if we use the products.

As my friend, Becca once said “This magnesium isn’t working. To be fair to the magnesium…I haven’t been taking it”. While this made me laugh, it also rang true to my own approach to my supplement collection, so I sat down with New Morning Market’s Wellness Director, Lauryn Vosburgh, to find out her tips on following through with supplement routines so we can start reaping the benefits. 

Do you get tired of taking pills every day?  How do you keep yourself motivated?

“Pill fatigue is a real thing. We understand that it happens, it happens to me as well. My first step is always to go back to my intent and remember why I am taking a product. I think about how allergies feel if I don’t take my nettles, what happens when stress ticks up if I don’t take a stress support blend, and how my hip feels when I don’t take turmeric. Usually the “why” outweighs my “I don’t wanna” attitude.”

Do supplements only come in pill form?

“No, we have powders, liquids, and gummy options for many vitamins, minerals, and herbs. There are lots of solutions for those struggling to get pills down.” 

Aren’t gummies full of sugar?

“We actually have quite a few very low or no sugar options available, and they taste great. We also do carry gummies that are a little higher in sugar, but again compliance matters. If you think the only way you will take something is if it tastes like a treat and your body can tolerate sugar, I support having something that tastes like a treat. Just remember, it’s a supplement! Only take the recommended amount and always keep out of the reach of children.”

How do you use liquids?

“It depends on the item. Some you can drop right into your mouth, others you can mix into juices, water, or smoothies.”

I know you can mix powders into smoothies. Can you do anything else like cook with them?

“It really depends on what you are working with. You have to be careful because the cooking process will break down anything raw or food based and can essentially kill all the nutrients in the product. However, there are lots of raw recipes out there that you can add protein, greens, mushrooms, and superfoods to. Check out our Pinterest page for inspiration! Always check with a wellness specialist or dietitian before cooking with a supplement.”

Any other tips?

“Like good ole Mary Poppins says, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Follow up your supplement routine with a yummy snack to treat yourself. I would love to say I always go with a banana, but sometimes it’s chocolate covered cashews and when I’m needing extra, I literally have a spoonful of ice cream.”

What are your favorite non-pill options?

“These are a few of my favorites you can find at New Morning Market.”