Updates to our Senior Discount + Greenshare Program

Starting July 11th New Morning Market is changing our Senior Discount to 10% and adding exclusions in an effort to: 

• Maintain our mission to provide good food to all at a fair price while balancing rising food costs

• Support our local and regional farmers by paying fair prices for quality products

• Support independent makers and producers by paying them fair prices for the goods they provide

• Honor our 65+/senior community

• To qualify for the senior discount, the Greenshare cardholder must be 65 years of age or older and must be present to receive the discount.

• We will only be able to provide a senior discount to the qualifying card holder.

• New Morning Market’s senior discount will only be applied on Tuesdays during store hours (8am-8pm unless otherwise posted).

• The senior discount cannot be honored any other day of the week and cannot be honored unless the cardholder is present during the time of checkout.

• Customers must present their Greenshare card to the cashier at the beginning of transaction.

• We will continue to accept customer phone numbers and physical cards.

• We will no longer offer the Greenshare discount for bulk on Wednesdays and the Beverage Bar on Thursdays.

Eligible items:

• 10% off all packaged goods found in our Grocery department aisles. This includes nut butters, bulk items, nuts, seeds, crackers, cookies, chips, non-chilled juices, sodas, waters, and other beverages, baking goods, frozen foods, and candy.*

• 10% off all supplements, vitamins, and bodycare found in our Wellness department.*

• 10% off all housewares, toys and clothing found in our Giftware department.*

• 10% off all items in our Produce department. This includes all fruits, vegetables, seeds, potted plants, flowers, and refrigerated dressings and condiments.*

• 10% off all items in our Meat & Seafood department. This includes fresh meat & seafood, seasonings, and frozen items.*

• 10% off all items in our Cheese & Charcuterie department. This includes fresh cheeses, fresh charcuterie, crackers, condiments, specialty cakes, candies, cookies, and chocolates.*

*The senior discount does not apply to items that are already discounted as part of our sales, everyday low price program, or clearance.

Ineligible items:

• Items in our refrigerated cases including all dairy, eggs, perishable plant-based items, cold coffee drinks, juices, and krauts are not eligible for discount.

• Items made in-house and available at our Grille, Beverage Bar, Bakery, and Grab and Go section are not eligible for discount. Fresh breads including loaves, baguettes, bagels, and buns are not eligible for discount.

• Cold beverages in our Grab and Go cooler are not eligible for discount.

• Catering items including items from our holiday menus are not eligible for discount.

• New Morning Market branded apparel and household goods are not eligible for discount.

• Senior discount cannot be combined with case discounts.

• Senior discount cannot be applied to purchases of gift cards.

Questions? Email us at Contact@NewMorn.com