Looking for a healthy belly boost? Here’s a list of our Wellness team’s favorite gut health products to help you absorb nutrients, digest regularly and comfortably, and balance your digestive system. 

Vibrant Health Digestive Vibrance

Full of insoluble fiber, probiotics, and other ingredients (like the amino acid glutamine) chosen specifically for their potential to totally tune up your gut. The blend promotes the healthy  digestion of meals and absorption of nutrients.  

Enzymedica Digest Gold Digestive Enzymes

Most of our bodies produce the enzymes we need to break down food. However, age, diet, and lifestyle can start to take a toll and we may end up with all types of digestive discomfortfrom gas and bloating to elimination irregularity and indigestion. Sound familiar? Sprinkle on your food for additional digestive support!

Enzymedica Purify Daily Regularity

Fiber is one critical part of the trifecta for healthy digestion (along with enzymes and probiotics). Fiber helps to eliminate toxins in the body through supporting regular elimination. Need a little nudge to get things moving? This gentle formula may just do the trick.

Country Life Gut Connection Mood Balance

Good health starts in your gut! Unfortunately, anxiety can cause chaos in the digestive tract. Improve your microbiome health and your mood by supporting the probiotics that already exist in your belly with a special blend including adaptogenic herbs.  

Life Seasons IB Soothe-R

A specific combination of vitamins, antioxidants, medicinal herbs, and probiotics to support good digestion and healthy bowel eliminations. 

Solaray Colon Formula Probiotics

Spoiler alert! We all lose gut floraas we age, experience emotional or physical stress, or take certain medications (like antibiotics and steroids). Thankfully, high-quality probiotics help support a healthy gut by providing a boost of healthy flora. Solaray gets bonus points for formulating probiotics based on the profile of what’s inside a healthy gut rather than what’s missing from one that is unbalanced.

Natural Factors Chewable Ginger

Feeling queasy? Ginger is touted as an age-old remedy for helping relieve nausea and vomiting. Popular with customers who experience motion sickness, pregnancy, and those who have undergone surgery. Sweetened naturally with xylitol and stevia! 

Herb Pharm Better Bitters

When taken before eating, bitters may help prepare the digestive tract to do its job. Better Bitters blends gentian root with burdock, ginger, anise, and other traditional bitter herbs to offer your digestion a boost. May reduce bloating and gas.

All supplements found in our Wellness department are third party certified to contain all ingredients and amounts claimed on product packaging with zero additional fillers.