How We Got Started

Celebrating 50 years of Goodness, New Morning Market has been committed to the good food lifestyle since opening their doors in 1971. Founded as the New Morning Trading Company by a group of twenty individuals, the original storefront boasted birch barrels of nuts and dried fruit in the front and ad hoc staff sleeping quarters in the back. The healthy food and associated healthy lifestyle had an allure which quickly attracted regular shoppers. Among them was John Pittari, a college student and the future owner of New Morning.

Early on, John sensed that he could have a positive impact on the world through natural foods. Within a year of working part-time at New Morning, John became a manager there; within five years, he purchased the business. Under his leadership, the offerings of New Morning were ever expanding. Through collaborating with a growing network of independent retailers across New England, John helped carve out distribution channels for natural foods where none existed. He traveled to New York City and to trade shows, he met importers and coffee roasters, and vetted every acquisition against his own guiding light. 

New Morning stocked maple syrup, honey, cream-line yogurt, butter, and eggs—all from local farms. Whatever limited packaged groceries were available, from crackers to nut butters, lined our shelves. After eleven years, the original storefront was at capacity. New Morning then outgrew two other locations in Woodbury. Along the way, we added artisan-made housewares and gifts and wholesome ready-to-eat foods prepared on-site. In 2012, New Morning Market moved a fourth and final time to our current location on Main Street in Woodbury. Here, we added a Vitality Center on our second floor to offer a spa and holistic wellness center to our community. Today New Morning continues to attract people near and far for the ingredients (food and otherwise) of a healthy lifestyle.